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The Colex Sharpcut Conveyor is useful for different applications :

Removal of Completed Works: The Sharpcut Conveyor removes the completed jobs from the cutting table effectively and quickly.

Cutting of Textiles/Fabrics: Couple the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Roll Feeder and the Clamping Bar to cut Textiles or Fabrics.

Board Cutting Pallet to Pallet: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Automatic Board Feeder (including Pallet Table) in addition with Clamping Bar for board cutting. Can cut up to 70 soft boards 4’ X 8’ per hour.

A combination of accuracy and swiftness, which is unbeatable
Automated Finishing System
Universal Triple Tool Head
Vision Registration System & Camera
Energy Efficient 6-Zone Vacuum System
True 5’ X 10’ Work Area
Solid Steel Welded Frame
Precision Balanced Aluminum Rollers

Layout 1Automatic Board Feeder

The board feeder is developed to function as a loader of semi-rigid to rigid boards from the pallet table onto the conveyor belt. It has the ability to work with a wide array of material dimensions in sizes and thickness.

Layout 1Pallet Table

The pallet will automatically maintain the material height if used with the Automatic Board Feeder. The pallet table comes down up to 6’ height to make loading and unloading of the pallets effortless and easy.

Layout 1Roll Feeder

Works for both Manual and Automatic feeding of flexible rolls.

Layout 1Clamping Bar

The equal movement of the materials with the movement of the belt down the table is guaranteed by the clamping bar. The clamping bar works in synergy with the Roll Feeder or the Automatic Board Feeder to ensure materials are placed continuously before cutting.