ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer

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OKI ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer

Maybe you do highway printing signs, street signs, or other signage, ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Painter with Nikkalite® traffic media remains the only one to offer price-efficient remedy and optimal durability.

Its SX eco-solvent, low-odor inks have the ability to fulfil six certain traffic colors and simultaneously offer complete-color graphic photos that give out superb saturated color, brilliant accountability and unbeatable outdoor durability.

The ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer offers:

  1. 10-year performance assurance—fulfils ASTM standard and MUTCD compliant
  2. Custom sign production adaptability
  3. Strong Piezo printheads designed for durability
  4. Low odor for cleaner workshop surrounding
  5. Sharp investment—small capital, rapid ROI
  6. Local Area Network from Authorized Providers


CRG92802 – Crystal Grade for Traffic

  • Super ultra-intensity microprismatic sheeting
  • Fulfills ASTM type VIII
  • Fantastic for permanent Highway signs and fluorescent construction signs.

CRG94802 – High-Intensity Prismatic Material

  • Fulfils ASTM type VIII
  • Fulfils and surpass type IV reflective traffic sign film
  • Brilliant ink durability, with a life span of 10 years